Georgia mother’s terrifying 911 call: ‘My children are trying to kill me’

WATCH ABOVE: Two brothers from Snellville, Georgia were arrested on Saturday after allegedly trying to drug and kill their parents for insurance money. Blayne Alexander reports.

Two Snellville, Georgia brothers have been arrested after allegedly trying to kill their parents.

In a shocking 911 call to police on Saturday, Yvonne Ervin is heard speaking to an operator about her two sons attempt to drug her and her husband.

“They’re trying to strangle us and shoot us,” Ervin said while hiding in an upstairs bedroom.

“They beat me up, they beat him up,” she also said.

Her husband was in the garage trying to honk the car’s horn to get the attention of neighbours.

“And they put Xanax in our food,” Ervin added.

Xanax is a drug mostly used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. Side effects include dizziness and drowsiness, which Ervin mentions in the phone call.

“We didn’t understand why we were so sleepy, but that’s why,” she said about her and her husband’s condition.

Ervin’s children were arrested and identified as Cameron Ervin, 17, and Christopher Ervin, 22. Neighbours say the brothers are respectful individuals.

Police said it looked like the two men had a plan to try and cover up the attempted murder due to the fact officers smelled a strong natural gas odor when they arrived on scene.

“Based on the evidence that has been gathered thus far, it is apparent that the brothers launched a plot to kill both of their parents,” police said in a press release.

The mother said she believes her sons were after the family’s insurance money.

Ervin has since been released from hospital while her husband remains in stable condition.

Both brothers are scheduled for a preliminary court hearing on Friday.


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