Neo-Nazi man appeals murder conviction in 2010 fatal beating

WATCH ABOVE: Robert Reitmeier, who was found guilty in the beating death of Mark Mariani, appealed his conviction Wednesday. As Global’s Nancy Hixt reports, the victim’s loved ones worry they will never really find closure in the case.

CALGARY – A white supremacist convicted of killing a Calgary man appealed his conviction Wednesday, requested a new trial and claimed evidence presented during his trial was prejudicial.

Robert Reitmeier is one of two men found guilty in the brutal beating death of 47-year-old Mark Mariani, who was murdered after going to a video store in northwest Calgary Oct. 3, 2010.

Mariani had health problems and had gone into the back alley to empty his ostomy bag, which is a medical pouch that collects waste from the bladder or colon.

47-year-old Mark Mariani was murdered after going to a video store in northwest Calgary Oct. 3, 2010.

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Reitmeier and Tyler Sturrup boot-stomped and kicked Mariani, leaving him for dead with a fractured skull and ribs. Mariani managed to crawl to his car, where he died.

A jury found Reitmeier guilty of second-degree murder in November 2013.

Reitmeier said some evidence presented during the trial and the charge brought to the jury were prejudicial.

A three-justice appeal panel reserved its decision Wednesday, and it could be weeks or months before the decision is released.

Mariani’s family feels justice may never prevail.

“Of course you are angry, but you have to be strong and that’s why we are all here,” said the victim’s brother, Bob Mariani. “And we will show up every time there’s an appeal for anything—the family will be there because it’s for Mark.”

Reitmeier sat showing no emotion through the proceedings, his white power tattoos prominent on his neck, and his head still completely shaved.

“I don’t think he gives a you-know-what,” said brother Dino Mariani. “I don’t think he cares whether we’re there or not.”

Kathrine Mariani, Mark’s sister, said it seems like she’ll never move on.

“There is something coming up—another phone call or another letter,” she said. “You can’t move on, you’re just stuck in 2010, the day Mark got killed.”

Sturrup pleaded guilty in the case; there’s no word yet if he will also file an appeal.


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