TIFF Lookback: ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

With eight Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and a win for Jennifer Lawrence as Best Actress, Silver Linings Playbook was one of the biggest movies of 2012.

And it all started at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“[Silver Linings Playbook] had its world premiere at TIFF, and there was so much buzz going into this movie,” says ET Canada‘s TIFF Project Manager Kim Gonsalves.

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Of course a lot of that had to do with the fact that Silver Linings Playbook featured two of the biggest names in Hollywood.

“You have Bradley Cooper who’s super hot from The Hangover and Limitless,” says Gonsalves. “Then you have Jennifer Lawrence. She was just coming off the first Hunger Games film. Their connection on screen was undeniable and you could tell they had a great connection off screen as well.”

That off-screen magic came alive at TIFF where Jen and Bradley were interviewed by ET Canada‘s Rick Campanelli.

“When you meet him,” Jen said of Brad, “he’s nice, he’s charming and just so easy to be around. I just feel like I am in really good hands anytime when he’s around.”

The feeling was mutual with Brad calling Jen “one of the smartest actors” he had ever worked with.

Of course, the Academy was pretty fond of Jen, too. At just 22 years old, she became the second-youngest Best Actress winner in Oscar history (the youngest being Marlee Matlin who won at 21 years of age for the 1986 film, Children of a Lesser God).

“[Jennifer] is so relatable, she’s the girl next door,” says Gonsalves. “She’s got this casual vibe, so that really did help her out in terms of her Oscar campaign and that started right when the movie premiered at TIFF, so the festival really has been a great platform for her.”

Watch more of Rick Campanelli’s interview with stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence below.

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